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Our Approach

Diagnose, Understand, Treat, Prevent,

And Get Back To Doing What You Love!

Rather than the traditional disease-centred focus, we address the underlying causes of disease using a patient centred approach - addressing the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. 

We aim to keep your healthcare simple, understandable and achievable so that you can:
1. Recover - with a support and evidence-based step-by-step personalised treatment plan to suit your own personal health goals. 
2. Understand - why you feel the way you do.
3. Prevent - we will teach you how to look after and maintain your health in the long-term.
4. Enjoy life - quickly get back to doing what you love!

TCM Facial



“Chris has been treating me with both acupuncture & cupping for shoulder pain. I have suffered for many years & at it's worst i get shooting pains in my neck, & in the evenings can't lift my arm above a 45° angle as it is just too painful. Immediately after my first session the tension in my shoulder improved, along with the range of movement as the day wore on; previously, my arm felt like it had been pulled out of its socket, twisted, and put back in. After a few sessions i no longer have pains in my neck, have full range of movement in my arm during the evenings, & have been able to stop taking prescribed pain killers & anti-inflammatories. I will continue to see Chris for maintenance sessions to continue to be pain free. Chris is friendly, professional, extremely knowledgable, putting you at ease and allaying any fears you may have; i would highly recommend his services. “

Sian - Teacher

Absolutely fantastic service. For anyone who hasn’t received acupuncture before, Chris is amazing, he makes you feel at ease and explains exactly what all the acupuncture points are for. Quality and friendly service. Will definitely be back.

Nerys, - Teaching Assistant